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As a business owner, you need to concentrate on running your business. We understand you don’t have time to build long-term brand foundations.

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Digital marketing that stimulates success and delivers growth opportunities.

We help brands navigate social by combining leading research, experience and executing campaign strategies.


Who we are

We’re an independent marketing consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa and specialise in digital and social media marketing. We have more than 15 years of industry experience working alongside some of the largest global brands. We have developed proven marketing strategies for Seed Entities and SMEs to gain market traction to achieve sustainability.

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How we can help

We help grow your business using organic and paid media: SEO, social media, email marketing, content creation, advertising, referral tools, and visual media productions.

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Our focus

Our focus is to support your team, to rebuild and re-direct your sales pipeline with restructured marketing plans, help optimise and enhance your brand’s sales channels, and remove any obstacles customers’ might experience when purchasing your services or products.

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More about our services

We offer a variety of digital marketing tools to help grow your brand and increase your business’ online footprint.



Our analysis identifies your market and audience. By researching your sales and marketing processes, we develop enhanced strategies to better re-target your audience and customers. We analyse customer demands and needs to define actionable pathways to simpler sales processes.

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We provide training in the optimisation of sales platforms and upskill staff in engaging customers on social media and customer service channels. We determine your business’ strengths and optimise your marketing for improved product/service delivery and consumption.

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Developing strategies to meet your marketing and sales goals is our business strength. Every business is unique: our expertise in using various digital tools help you to grow your profits. We improve your marketing ROI with tailored approaches.

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From scheduling content, moderating engagement, and executing targeted strategies, we have developed systems to make it simpler to measure and track. Each digital platform is monitored, analysed, and optimised for enhanced growth of your company’s digital footprint.

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What our Clients say…

“I immediately noticed Evan’s stand out abilities when considering online performance, and garnering the most from the online space. Not only does he ensure that the advertisement is seen, but over the years he has understood what area returns the highest result. All of this is un-important, if this is not tracked and recorded. He has done exceptionally well in this area. Not only does he fill the full sales cycle in terms of introduction, contact, track, allocate and close, but he does this within the top 5% of executives in South Africa, in my opinion.”

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“On behalf of The Herald and the race organisers, I would like to extend a very BIG thank you for working with us this year. We’ve had countless compliments and its individuals like yourself that contribute to the success of this year’s edition. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work with social media.”

B. Ulay
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“Evan is a supreme professional who works to a very high standard. His writing demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the subject and a deeply held passion.”

S. Scoursey
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“Working with this company is a pleasure. Every project is delivered on-time with the minimum of fuss. Evan feels part of every aspect of our campaigns and is highly respected in our offices for his professionalism and expertise. No goal is out of reach with his strategies.”

M. J. Groat
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“We have a wide range of clients and each one requires a specialist set of skills. In Evan we’ve found a resource of skills and tools to help us reach our clients’ targets. Implementing strategies, adjusting content, and pressing out the timeline is where Evan’s services are most valuable. No task is too small; no deadline is too tight to meet. A consummate professional in an industry awash with ‘specialists’.”

J. Phan
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“Our marketing budget isn’t very big. Evan made do with what we gave him and he ran with it. Our business grew its profits year-on-year with tracked success scores from his online marketing skills. We don’t quite know what he does, but he does it very well to bring guests and customers to our business.”

K. Van Der Westhuizen
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"We needed some help with our social media and thanks to taking the time to listen, he helped to develop a website, improved our network, put together a marketing plan and it worked out very well. A great service!"

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Some of our amazing clients

We build fantastic relationships with our valued clients.

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